WannaCry – Global Ransomware Attack Notice

As we’re sure many of you have heard, a particularly nasty randsomware attack dubbed ‘WannaCry’ has infected hundreds of thousands of computers over the past few days. These ransomware viruses infect your computer and lock your files until you pay money to have them released.
Microsoft has recently released several patches in response to this virus, and has even released emergency patches for the long abandoned Windows XP, Server 2003, and Windows 8.

We urge all of our customers to go onto their computers and manually check for and install all available updates to ensure they’re protected against WannaCry.

If you’re one of our managed business clients: you don’t have to do anything, we’ve automatically applied all of these patches for you!

If you’re not one of our managed business clients: you’ll need to manually check for and apply all updates on every server and workstation you have in your office immediately.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding this, feel free to give our technicians a call at (410) 871-0300.